Thursday, January 21, 2010


Welcome to Anaheim, California! Since you could not all join us, Debby and I decided to share our trip with you right here on our blog.

We left Indy on Southwest Airlines at 4:45 on Wednesday. I wasn’t expecting the trip to Phoenix to last 4 and one half hours, but it sure did. Peanuts and chips did not fill the tummy, so we crawled to Wendy’s where they had FOOD! After an hour layover, we had a very bumpy ride into California. They say the weather should be lots better tomorrow.


It was 8:30 their time (11:30 our time) so we decided to rent a car to get to our hotel. What a shock! Thrifty wanted $90 per day for their vehicles, which I assume must be gold plated. We decided to try Hertz for a better deal. WRONG! How about $100.00 per day? I never expected I would think a cab fare was a great deal, but $38.00 for both of us to ride sounded mighty good.

Once we arrived, we felt like princesses. Our bathroom is all decorated with folded linens and more.

Check back tomorrow for more of our adventures. We'll be taking lots more photos and since the the Super Show doesn't start till Friday we will try a bit of sightseeing and share more of our escapades with you.

Here is what we discovered at our hotel.

See you tomorrow with more updates!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the weather that you had in California. Enjoyed reading about it!
Debbie Elliott

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