Monday, January 25, 2010


This is the Anaheim Convention Center where CHA, the Craft and Hobby Association Winter Convention was held. It was beautiful yesterday and today. California really can be sunny. Friday and Saturday were the Super Show days. This is when the general public can attend and actually make purchases. YES YOU CAN PURCHASE !!! There were lots and lots of vendors and it was a really fun atmosphere. You may very well want to plan to attend this event when it comes to the Chicago this July 30 and 31. Watch for more info at the store about our plans to make this easier for you to do.

We have been taking lots of classes and learning really exciting things to come back and share with you. The list of events is incredible. Here is Debby standing by the

After class we walked around the displays and ran into a few celebrities. I had my picture taken with Deborah Norville of Inside Edition fame.

Debby made friends with Anna Griffin, and then introduced me.
What a special, talented lady she is!
Here we are in front of some of the awesome things she creates.

Here are some shots of the people and sites in the actual vendor area.
Check back tomorrow for more photos and tales of our adventures.

Friday, January 22, 2010


It's our first full day in sunny California -- NOT!

With all the rain and wind we decided to stay in our room for a while and select our classes for CHA. Many of the companies offer classes and we are really excited about the new ideas we will be brin
ging back home to you. While we were working on this, the power went out! It was off for about an hour.
We are beginning to wonder about all these experiences we are having and whether anyone will want to travel with us given our track record so far!

Since things were going so interestingly, we decided to rent a car and go to the beach, about 14 miles away. By the time all the paperwork was done and we arrived at the beach it was nearly dark. We we
re starving so we had a nice dinner at DUKE'S on the beach. Great food and no crises to report! When we went to take pictures, however, the wind and rain were so strong that we were nearly blown away! Notice in the photo above how the rain is blowing sideways.
Here is Debby attempting to get a picture of the awesome waves at Huntington Beach, also known as Surf City USA. NO SURFING TONIGHT!

She got this good one of those waves.

Check out these palm trees. Notice how the leaves are blowing.

And this crazy woman standing in the rain.

Once we got back to the hotel, I took this one out our window.
Aren't the lights pretty? The weather report for tomorrow is not much better, but hang in there because Sat
urday and Sunday are supposed to be clear. That means sunshine. I'll do my best to get a picture of Debby in her bikini, so don't miss any of our reports just in case!

I got a message today with the new release of HOUSE MOUSE STAMPS. Oh, are they adorable!!!

Don't forget to go to the RILEY MOOSE site and choose the ones you want. Preorder and prepay and you get 10% off!

We go to the SUPER SHOW tomorrow, and will have a report for you tomorrow night on what we see. This is the one you may want to go to when CHA Summer comes to the Chicago area this year.

Remember that we will be selling tickets in our store for the Heirloom Productions Show at the fairgrounds March 6 and 7. Don't miss it. We will be there selling Cottage Cutz! Give Linda a call and let her know how many tickets you want so we can hold them for you.

Keep watching for more updates and photos of product tomorrow night!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Welcome to Anaheim, California! Since you could not all join us, Debby and I decided to share our trip with you right here on our blog.

We left Indy on Southwest Airlines at 4:45 on Wednesday. I wasn’t expecting the trip to Phoenix to last 4 and one half hours, but it sure did. Peanuts and chips did not fill the tummy, so we crawled to Wendy’s where they had FOOD! After an hour layover, we had a very bumpy ride into California. They say the weather should be lots better tomorrow.


It was 8:30 their time (11:30 our time) so we decided to rent a car to get to our hotel. What a shock! Thrifty wanted $90 per day for their vehicles, which I assume must be gold plated. We decided to try Hertz for a better deal. WRONG! How about $100.00 per day? I never expected I would think a cab fare was a great deal, but $38.00 for both of us to ride sounded mighty good.

Once we arrived, we felt like princesses. Our bathroom is all decorated with folded linens and more.

Check back tomorrow for more of our adventures. We'll be taking lots more photos and since the the Super Show doesn't start till Friday we will try a bit of sightseeing and share more of our escapades with you.

Here is what we discovered at our hotel.

See you tomorrow with more updates!